Talking Rug

Your vision and our expertise make a great rug.

Describing what you want can sometimes be challenging. The terms and definitions below will have you speaking “Rug” like a pro. But it really doesn’t matter what you call it – As long as you Call!

  • Area Rug – An area rug is a loose-lay floor covering that can be made from almost any material. Area rugs can be sized to cover only a small portion of your floor or stretch from wall to wall. It can be a pre-made rug, a bound piece of carpet, a custom rug with inlays, carving, and sculpting or a fabric or leather border. Area rug materials can be used to carpet your RV, car, boat, or air plane, as a throw rug, wall covering, room divider, bench cover, a non-slip surface in a wet area like a bathroom, swimming pool, bar, kitchen, porch, hot tub, or anything else you wish.
  • Oriental Rug – The term Oriental rug can refer to a rug from the Orient or it can refer to the specific style of a rug regardless of where it was manufactured. The Oriental rug style with its intricate patterns and borders are very popular but are very limited in the sizes and shapes available. Often the sizes that are available won’t meet your requirements. This is when our Rug Augmentation services can help you.
  • Rug Sizes – An area rug can be made in any size or shape from small airplane door panels to massive rugs that cover a 10,000 square foot exhibition hall. When using pre-made rugs it is sometimes necessary to resize the rugs by making them larger, smaller, or changing the shape.
  • Binding – Binding is a general term referring to the process of finishing the outside perimeter of carpet or a pre-made area rug. It is also a specific term referring to a particular method of finishing the edge of any floor covering material by sewing on binding tape.
  • Serging – Serging is a specific method of binding which utilizes a whip-stitch yarn-over technique. Most Oriental style rugs are serged.
  • Binding Tape – Binding tape is a fabric tape that is folded over the edge of any floor covering material to seal the edge. It is typically made from polyester and comes in many different colors.
  • Fringing – Rug fringe is a decorative edging that can be applied to most floor covering materials and is often found on Oriental rugs. Fringe can be added, removed or hidden to suit your tastes. Fringe is also sometimes referred to as rug tassels.
  • Rug Runner – The term rug runner refers to a long narrow rug and may take the form of a hallway runner, carpet runner, stair runner or stairway carpet.
  • Carpet Borders – Carpet borders are added to carpet and pre made area rugs to change the size, enhance the look or add color to a particular setting. There can be one or multiple borders incorporated into a carpet bordered rug.
  • Fabric Borders – Fabric borders are created when any material such as fabric, vinyl, cotton tape or leather are sewn to any floor covering material. Fabric borders can be used as rug perimeter finishes or interior color accents and can add a whole new look to the most mundane floor covering materials.
  • Carpet Base – Carpet Base is a strip of carpet that is used as a baseboard. Hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories, conference centers, office buildings and medical professionals often use carpet base in place of wood and vinyl base boards.
  • Carving – Carving is the process of shaving away the tufting of an area rug to create a manicured look between carpet borders, to highlight designs already in an area rug or to create designs in the carpet itself.